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Choosing the Best Dog Training Collar

In order to choose the best dog training collar for your dog’s needs, you have to understand exactly what you wish to accomplish. There are a variety of different training collars on the market but most of them are used for different reasons. Here we will explore the variety of dog collars and what types of dog training they are used for. One of the most common problems related by dog owners is the fact that their dog pulls on the leash on walks. This pattern usually starts when the dog is just a puppy but continues on for the rest of their lives. The best time to train a dog to walk on a leash is when they are young. But if it is too late for that, then there are a variety of dog training collars that you can use. The one that has been used the longest is the choke chain. It is still being used but is quickly being replaced by more humane methods such as the pinch collar.

Instead of choking the dog, these types of training collars just give them a little pinch. This quickly shows the dog that they are walking too fast and they will usually slow down. If you have a puppy, then this is the best time to leash train your dog. Most puppies will get terribly excited when you take out the leash. The secret is to not start the walk until your puppy calms down. Simply stand there at the door and wait for him to settle down. They will quickly notice that they don’t get to leave until they are calm. If they continue to pull while on the walk, use the same approach. Stop dead in your tracks and do not move forward until the dog calms down. This might take a bit of dedication but he will eventually learn to walk by your side instead of dragging you behind.

If your dog is a problem barker, then there are great collars for that as well. The higher end ones will emit a high pitched sound the second the dog starts barking. The moment that they stop barking, the sound will stop. This will mentally train your dog that barking really isn’t worth it. There is also less expensive dog training collars that will spray a small amount of citronella at the dog’s snout when they start barking. This might not be as effective but can be much more economical.

The Best Dog Training Collars

The best dog training collars will ultimately do two things. First, they will enable you to enhance your communication with the dog. Second, they will do so without causing pain or psychological harm to the dog. It is important to remember that anyone can become abusive to an animal when they use the collar as a form of punishment. A well designed dog training collar will allow you to offer your dog correction without causing harm. For instance, a choker collar that is used appropriately should never hurt the animal. If you use it for slight correction tugs, it is harmless in your hands. If you use it to yank your dog around by the neck, you can cause physical damage to your pup.

When a dog is not listening, it is our tendency to yell, yank, pull, and restrain. Therefore, choker collars or prong collars are considered especially dangerous. Should your dog lunge or make a sudden movement, it is too easy to apply excessive force. A dog on the end of a choke collar that is being pulled too tightly is more likely to pull harder in an attempt to free himself from the pain rather than submit. Finding the best dog training collar starts with your training technique. Some experts claim that if you are using a positive reinforcement system, a regular leather collar will be sufficient. Every dog has the potential to become an escape artist and thus a regular collar that fits correctly can easily be ditched by the dog. Using a collar that combines the safety of a regular collar and the added security of a choker is generally considered to be the best dog training collar by most experts.  Try to understand your dog behaviors and what they mean to get the best collar.

These collars look like regular fiber based collars that have a small chain section at the top. This combination prevents you from choking the dog with the chain but slips in close enough that the dog cannot escape. They are good correction collars because they allow you to provide an attention getting snap without injuring the animal in any way. Also known as a Martingale collar, these collars allow you to remain in control while not harming your dog. Shock collars, spray collars, and electric based collars are not considered to be effectively humane forms of dog training.

How to Select the Right Dog Shock Collar

Are you having a difficult time trying to get your dog to follow your commands? Do you have sleepless nights because of your dog’s endless barking? There are a number of effective training techniques currently available that can help you calm your dog down, but probably the best-known and fast acting solution is to use a dog shock collar. This is a particularly effective form of training tool can be used to quickly stop a dog’s bad habit over a short period of time, though most people new to the idea may be a little surprised by the use of electric shocks to control their pet.

In fact the dog shock collar has been used since the 1940’s, though since it was first put to use the mechanics of dog shock collars have developed from large bulky devices into small lightweight collars that are more comfortable for your dog. A number of well known pet care companies have developed dog shock collars including, ‘Pet Safe bark collars’ and ‘Dog Sport collars’, both well known within the dog training industry. The collars use a simple, but effective mechanism to help change your dog’s bad habits, they can either automatically deliver a shock each time your dog over barks or the owner can remotely control the shock using a handheld device. It is usually recommended that dog shock collars be used only once all other form of training have been exhausted and only used for short periods of time to avoid over exhausting your pet. To get a better idea of the different types of dog shock collar available on today’s market, here are two examples of popularly used dog shock collars that can be found in most pet stores and over the internet:

Pet Safe Nano Bark Collar – Pet Safe product are known all over the world for their high quality and safe effectiveness, this new item can be carefully adjusted to give different level of shocks depending on your dog size. The Nano dog shock collar works best on dogs at or below 55 pounds and is made from miniature technology to give a light weight 2 ounce feel, so that your dog won’t even know it is around their neck. The collar has a quick release feature makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze, also it is adjustable from 8″ to 16″ making it suitable for a range of different shape and sized dog breeds. The built in automation module has been designed to record and recognize your dogs own barking so that there is less risk of an accidental shock triggered by another dog’s bark. The battery is run on a 6-volt lithium charge, but shock uses static type electricity that feels similar to the small static spark from a carpet, which basically gives a surprised feeling, but doesn’t hurt. To protect your dog from over shocking the module is set on a 15 shocks in 30 seconds limit, after which it will refrain from giving shocks for 3 minutes.